8 Experts on Outsourcing IT for Strategic Advantage

NEW REPORT:  Interviews with 8 IT leaders share how they increased performance by strategically outsourcing all or part of their IT.

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Is your IT staff stretched to the limit?

Hear from 8 IT leaders who have figured out the right balance between focusing on the fundamentals and spending time on more strategic initiatives that deliver real business value - and how they did it.

Based on real interviews with IT professionals who currently own and manage IT staff, you will learn practical advice and actions you can take to improve your own game, including how to choose and manage the right IT service provider partner.

"Technology is getting more complicated, and the rate of change is accelerating...the range of expertise needed to stay on top of technology enablement is incomprehensible for most business owners and CIOs..." - Kirk McLaren, CEO, Foresight CFO

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