Introducing Apple Toolkit

Does Your Organization Have Apple Devices?

Introducing Apple Toolkit

The Apple Ecosystem is Different!

Apple Toolkit is a collection of technologies, education, and support from Ntiva that is meant for your existing IT team so that they can feel confident in delivering comprehensive Apple device security, management, and help desk services throughout their organization.

Properly managing, securing, and supporting Apple workstations — and the demanding people who use them — requires Apple-native tools, workflows, and expertise. Windows-focused IT teams often try to shoehorn Macs into a Windows-workflow with frustrating results.

Apple devices don’t have to be frustrating to manage for your IT team!

Apple Toolkit is a complete program that delivers:

  • 100% integration with the Apple ecosystem

  • Ongoing Apple education for your team

  • Increased efficiencies as you provide greater value to your Apple users

Here are just some of the benefits you'll get with the Apple Toolkit:

  • Automated Patching
  • Improved Security
  • Faster Delivery
  • Dedicated Apple Escalation Team
  • Increased Productivity
  • Enhanced Reporting


Scroll down to learn more about how the Apple Toolkit from Ntiva can help your IT Team properly manage and secure your Apple devices!

Ask Yourself…

Have you established all three tenets of the Apple ecosystem?

Do you have an Apple Business Manager account?

Apple Business Manager (ABM) is required to streamline how you securely deploy Apple devices and is necessary to configure device settings and buy and distribute content. We’ll help you set up Apple Business Manager using federated authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory so you can quickly create employee accounts with Managed Apple IDs.

Where do you purchase Apple devices?

To connect company-owned Apple devices to Apple Business Manager, Apple requires that you purchase directly from Apple or a Preferred Device Enrollment Reseller. We’ll help you establish an Apple Customer Number or obtain the necessary Reseller IDs to ensure your devices are authorized for management.

How do you onboard or enroll new Macs into management?

With work-from-anywhere initiatives, it’s more important than ever to automatically manage your Apple devices without physically touching or prepping them before users get them. We’ll help you operate most efficiently while looking like Apple-experts with Zero-touch deployment (similar to Windows Autopilot) so you can further simplify the setup process and get users up and running quickly.

What's Included?

What’s Included?

The Apple Toolkit is designed to get your team up-to-speed on the Apple ecosystem as quickly as possible. It includes everything you need to build your Apple IT Team.

Powered By Addigy

At the heart of the Apple Toolkit is our favorite RMM tool, Addigy. Easily perform Apple Mac patch scans, monitor workstations, utilize the advanced alerting setup, build complex (or simple) reports, and use a powerful remote support utility to deliver a complete Apple Support Solution.

Advanced Endpoint Protections

Malwarebytes has been an Apple standard for years, and we use it here at Ntiva, so we included it as part of the Apple Toolkit. Let us know if you have another solution, and we'll see if we can add it to your Apple Toolkit. Popular solutions include SentinelOne, Carbon Black, and OpenDNS.

Secure Cloud Backups

Data loss and ransomware threats can happen on Macs, and protecting geographically dispersed devices needs a reliable backup solution. We include Druva endpoint backup. If you use another solution we can investigate adding it to your Apple Toolkit.

Rapidly Deploy & Patch Software

With the combination of public software managed by Addigy and Ntiva custom builds, you can rapidly deploy and update macOS, Apple apps, and third-party applications. Your security team will appreciate your proactive approach to preventing Apple security vulnerabilities.

Ongoing Apple Education

Join our members-only livestreams to participate in demonstrations and talk about challenges your team wants to overcome in the Apple ecosystem. Topics include Apple Business Manager, Authorized Apple Store or Reseller, Apple Mobile Device Management, Apps & Books, Apple Push Notification service, and more!

Simplified Apple Device Portal

Our custom device portal allows your support team to quickly diagnose Apple device issues while providing an easy reporting tool you can share with company stakeholders.


Five steps to tackling the Apple ecosystem. This is our methodology.

Apple+Toolkit+-+01+UnderstandPhase 1 - Setup

Learn what it takes to leverage the Apple ecosystem, how it differs from Windows, and what to identify in your existing environment to become a more Apple-friendly team. (Free and a prerequisite to subscribing to the Apple Toolkit.)

Apple+Toolkit+-+02+FramePhase 2 - Enrollment & Patching

Quickly enroll existing Apple devices and secure your organization with automated patching of the vulnerabilities found in macOS, Microsoft 365, Acrobat Reader, Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

Apple+Toolkit+-+04+DefinePhase 3 - Security & Compliance Prep

Continue building the foundation of your Apple technology practice with compliance policies that address the needs of your organization while enabling your team to work efficiently and securely.

Apple+Toolkit+-+05+ExecutePhase 4 - Security & Compliance Now

With the Apple Toolkit firmly in place, attack your future state with documentation, checklists and goals to make your solution more efficient, more secure, and more Apple-friendly for everyone.

Apple+Toolkit+-+06+FosterPhase 5 - Start Building

Continue learning, maturing and growing in the Apple space. Define your goals and how much responsibility you want to take on to further enhance your Apple Toolkit.

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Apple Toolkit is a full-featured solution for IT teams of all sizes who want to professionally manage, secure and support Apple devices — and embrace the growing demand for Apple devices in business.

Contact us to start the conversation on how we can help your team get up to speed as quickly as possible, to start supporting the demands of your Apple-savvy employees.


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